Do I Qualify?

After careful consideration, we at Children First Utah have made the very difficult decision to dissolve CFU and will no longer be able to provide scholarships to students. We regret to make this announcement and appreciate your understanding in this matter.

The goal of Children First Utah was to help low-income families who are passionate about education and are willing to pay for their children’s educational opportunities. CFU awarded new scholarships to students in grades K-8; however, once in the program, students were eligible to continue through high school.  Scholarships were granted for one-half of the total tuition amount up to $1800 per year, which included a $100 stipend per child for books and uniforms. 

How Do I Qualify?
CFU scholarships were based strictly on need. We offered them to low-income families (as defined in the following table). Parents were required to show proof of income each year in order to remain eligible. All scholarship funds were paid directly to the school on a monthly basis.

Children First Utah Income Table

IF the total number of people in your family is:

AND your Total Family Gross Income is less than:















for each additional family member, add


Then you qualify!

How Does the Program Work?
The number of scholarships we provided each year was based on our funding. Families were free to use the scholarship at the school of their choice, within the guidelines listed below. Because of the large number of scholarship applications Children First Utah received each year, we were not able to award everyone a scholarship. We kept your applications on file in the event that a spot opened up.

What School Can I Choose?
To qualify, schools must enroll students into a full-time program (30-35 hours per week minimum), they must meet in a building used primarily as a school, and must employ full-time paid staff. The curriculum must include a majority of core academic content, such as Math, Science, English, and History. 

Where Does the Money Come From?
All CFU funding comes from the contributions of generous individuals, businesses, and foundations.